If legalization fails this year in Connecticut, what’s next?

Connecticut has seen some mixed signals in the air regarding legalization. According to representative Elliot, “legalization is looking grim for this year” which he made in a recent online Facebook post. Three days earlier the Hartford Courant suggested that they “would have a Vote for Cannabis legalization within the next three weeks”.

As we come down to the wire we face an uncertain and unpredictable outcome to the session. A few weeks ago it seemed almost inevitable that something would pass in some way, shape, or form legalizing the plant.

So what’s next for Connecticut if Cannabis legalization doesn’t make it to a vote? Inevitably, next legislative session legislators are going to have to bring up the same topic again. It’s going to be a repetitive topic for the years to come if not passed this year. Advocates and local Cannabis activists will not give up the battle and will only grow in numbers. The suggestion that legalization will harm the state in anyway is pretty dismissible with the information available in this day and age.

Local advocacy Groups such as Connecticut NORML, CURE CT, and REGULATE CONNECTICUT are trying to foster participation in the community regarding the controversial topic. “Call 860-240-8500 and let Speaker Joe Aresimowicz know we want a vote on cannabis legalization!

Make our community a priority!” States a post by CURE CT

The next three weeks will be a very telling time for our state as we either move toward legalization or just another stalled year of efforts by the legislature.

To learn more about the medical marijuana program of Connecticut:


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