Connecticut medical marijuana program faces an uncertain fate in the wake of the coming recreational marijuana law.

Iceberg! Dead ahead!

It’s no secret that the Connecticut medical marijuana program has had its fair amount of troubles in its years of operation. Notably, “Lack of compassion, price gouging, an inability to engage with patients on personal level, or even any open opportunity to see product prior to purchase…oh and the strain names don’t bother asking you need a translation app to know what the medicine is, (”

So what’s next for Connecticut? The question leaves patients feeling scared supply will run dry and with no grow rights in place, it is surely going to run short on supply vs. demand. The Population of Connecticut is 3.4 million people. The medical marijuana program only has 35,000 registered patients and sometimes struggles to keep up. Just last week an email was sent to CT patients about lack of inventory offered by dispensary in Uncasville.(posted below)

So…What’s next?

What’s next for Connecticut? Well, it’s pretty clear that we are on a path to legalize recreational marijuana no matter what. I think that’s all we know right now. We can definitely assume however by the data and trends of the CTMMP that we are in for a few bumps in the road. Those bumps for legal adult use may very well negatively effect the medical marijuana patients directly. Currently there is a bill that has introduced patient personal grow rights. Call your representatives and tell them to support this bill. This is one of the only effective solutions to assure an uninterrupted supply of medicine for patients and quality product being offered at the dispensary.

As of right now the recreational bill does not have any Grow rights of any kind and CT is one of the few states in the nation to have restricted Grow right freedoms. Contact Your Legislators.

Authored by KGB

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