Why do they want to restrict grow rights? Some say it has to do with genetic preservation.

It’s no secret, the private interests within government do not want regular Americans to have the rights to grow your own cannabis. Some argue it’s to keep interests private and business profitable. Only until recently did I consider it the only valid reason. One also can argue that there may be a deeper seeded need to keep a much more strict eye on things. Why? Well the answer lies in finding land race strains today. Is it even possible? In the very near future cannabis maybe hybridized to many times… so much so that it becomes the assimilation of a multifaceted polyhybrid with no predicable traits or predicable effects/outcomes to what the plants seeds will offspring. This spells disaster for large entity’s trying to market the product as predictable a patentable strain. There is no way to know from seed what that particular phenotype contains more or less sativa/indica linage as its parents and it varies every seed. Like all living things all of the canna seeds are offspring that are unique and different therefore the cookies strain you smoked today would not be the exact cookies you smoked next year unless it was produced by direct clone. The two would render the same name giving birth to an ever changing product “cookies”. So how do we preserve strains with true notable genetics so they will not be hybridized so much that they are lost? The reality is, it is a human right to grow plants that naturally occur in nature. It just is! This issue is popping up in states like connecticut where foreign and corporate interests are uprooting an equal opportunity industry and making it solely their own after several sold out to larger multinational companies such as Green thumb industries, curleaf holdings, and ancerage holdings to name a few . Connecticut only has 4 producers in the state and sells cannabis to over 30000 patients. This is a perfect example of a monopoly with no grow rights. CT does have some grow language in the adult use bill and a separate bill has been introduced to have patient grow rights established as it becomes more and more apparent that we the people need our rights to grow back Pre 1937! End prohibition and let’s rewrite history for the better. We can do this…


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