INYS pharmaceuticals sponsor anti-legalization rally at Connecticut capital.

High school students and select lawmarkers spoke in direct opposition to a marijuana legalization bill that does not apply to children and suggests retail sale should be available to everyone over the age of 21 in legal atmosphere not simply decriminalized like it already is. They spoke in regards to the substance as of it was toxic sludge and is clearly agenda and biased in the perception of data released regarding other legalization states. This group ignored the positive and went right for every made up fictional statement ever made on the plant. A local activist made mention to the INYS ties as the meeting adjourned stating “I’ve lost many of my friends” because of them manufacturing fetynol and other opiates. It left the meeting with a somber reminder that these people are wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Direct correlations with pharmaceutical giant INYS was not confirmed nor denied by rep. Canadlera when confronted stating, “there will be more time discuss that relationship in public hearings.” Many independent sources seem to suggest this tie is indeed true. INYS is one of the leading manufacturers of opiate drugs. INYS CEO was arrested on doctor bribery charges but he was to rich to not buy himself free.

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