Legal weed billboard on I-91 in Connecticut brings a stark reminder of what 2019 holds for CT.

In New Haven has published a sign directly on I-91 headed to Massachusetts with a friendly reminder to drive north for more freedom. Connecticut law makers have announced a plan to legalize regulate and tax cannabis as well as allowing personal grow rights for citizens. The bill presented in currently being debated by the general public as to whether this bill is too restrictive as to the rights of citizens. Will this bill create a legal loophole to jail residents based on being a driver and consuming within a week of use? That’s right 5 Nanograms is the proposed legal limit, even though there is no accurate machinery to detect this and there are no studies indicating this as being the intoxicating level of cannabis present in the blood . Heavy users can fail the test days after use. Currently the law makers have proposed six plants per person.

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